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Akili eT enables your organization to buy products from farmers, sell the produce or exchange the value for farm inputs.

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Who can use the eT?

The AkilieT system is distributed for online access, and is available for use by registered value chain owners (Farmer support partners; cooperatives; micro-finance institutions)

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Value Exchange

Our Awesome Clients

Some Of the Awesome Clients We Work With

Grafco Dairy Sacco

Grafco, a rural micro-finance institution in rural central Kenya, started in 1996. In 2004 Grafco became an affiliate of Partners Worldwide,

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Gichugu Ziwa Dairy

Ziwa Dairy is a dairy firm that is located in Kirinyaga county,gichugu x

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Akili Dev Sacco

Akili Development sacco is a micro-finance institution in rural central Kenya, started by Mr Haron Wachira with an aim to help farmers and organizations

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